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The Ideal Yard Shed - Woodbridge Vinyl Shed Series from Duramax Sheds

woodbridge 10x13 with kit

So you have a big yard but no shed, and the job of picking a shed for your yard requires a lot of research and can be time consuming so this is where we can try and help you out. While it is necessary to select a shed that will be long lasting, you also have to make sure that it fully serves your needs and future needs as well.  Among the most dependable brands in the market nowadays is Duramax sheds. Our Storage Shed Reviews channel has all the details that you need to weigh up your choices, and discover what kind of shed is right for your storage necessities. You will find it on YouTube under Storage Shed Reviews

The brand Duramax is derived from the term “maximum durability”, which precisely describes the Woodbridge series. After a lifetime of use, your Woodbridge shed will remain functional as it is made of the most sturdy materials. Chipping, peeling, fading, discoloration and cracking are prevented since the shed is made from vinyl. Not like plastics and woods, termite infestation doesn’t occur in vinyl sheds. Duramax sheds are available in many sizes and styles so finding one especially tailored to your needs will be easier than you think. They have really small sheds from as small as 3' x4' feet right up to vinyl garages 32ft long. The biggest thing about Duramax sheds is that there is no ongoing maintenance needed which means no repainting in 3 or 4 years time similar to a wood or metal shed. This is a great saving in itself for many people who are time poor and so in 5/10 years time the shed will still look as good as new.

A ridge skylight and ventilation kits are included with the Woodbridge package and other accessories are available from Duramax as your needs dedicate. If you are planning to use the shed for storing small items, then you may want to-install Duramax shelf kits that will give you additional room for storage. If you want to turn your Woodbridge shed into an outdoor office space, then you may want to add some duramax window kits which will surely enhance your shed. Window kits are easy to install when you are building the shed but can be a little more difficult to do after the roof goes on.

Duramax sheds are fire retardant. In fact, their sheds such as the Woodbridge vinyl shed series are certified by the California Fire Marshall. These sheds can very easily deal with various climate conditions from hot to cold weather. The shed can stay in place throughout a hurricane with winds reaching 115 miles per hour provided it is properly anchored. The roof of the shed will withstand snow up to 20lbs/sq foot which is ample for most areas. Duramax also sell a roof strengthening kit for those folks who live in severe snow areas.  All woodbridge sheds come at 10.5 feet wide but can be increased in depth up to 13ft if needed. This modular aspect to the buildings is created by inserting duramax extension kits which are available in two and a half feet modular units and can be purchased separately when needed.

Access is via two double doors at 5’ wide that is the reason why you can enter Duramax sheds very easily. This enables you to move things in and out smoothly. Moreover, it's possible to park a small tractor or mower inside. This implies that you can keep as many items or tools as you wish and still get in and out of your shed easily. When compared to the conventional materials that are utilized in making sheds, vinyl is a safe material according to the studies done by the US Green Building council. It is regarded as  environmentally safe to use and is recyclable if waste. Rest assured that after 20 years or more, your poly vinyl shed will still be in good condition provided a tree doesn't fall on it or something similar. This product is made in the US hence it only ships from the US and not from China like many cheaper brands available that only last a few years and end up costing you more in the long run. If you want to have a resilient and functional shed that also looks great, then you no longer need to search anywhere else. Duramax sheds combined functionality and aesthetics, making it a safe bet for your home.
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